We are a bio-venture company established in January 2004 with the support of many people from universities and companies.
Since its establishment, we have been engaged in the development and consulting of reagents for genetic and protein tests necessary for drug discovery and clinical research.
To date, we have commercialized reagent kits for testing Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium antituberculosis, and have been developing and commercializing reagents for testing human constitution-related genes and tumor testing. We have established a strong research system in collaboration with medical universities, including Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Waseda University, and are working to commercialize reagents for clinical testing.
In the future, we will continue to accumulate gene and protein analysis technologies, develop better test reagents, and promote contract testing business that can be used by everyone.

President and Representative Director  Ryuji Kawaguchi


As a research and development-oriented company, we are engaged in contract clinical testing and the development of biotechnology-related technologies and products. In the midst of the current recession in the biotechnology industry, we are actively engaged in research and development with the aim of steadily increasing sales of differentiated products and returning profits to our shareholders.
  In addition, we aim to improve the efficiency of our management activities through aggressive management and prompt decision-making based on a venture spirit.


Company namePropGene Inc.
CapitalUS$ 894,900
medical laboratory検査所登録番号:28杉保衛医第466号
登録検査業務 :血液学的検査「生殖細胞系列遺伝子検査」
HistoryJanuary 2004  Founded in Tokyo, Japan.
May 2004    Launched on Incubator Lab in Tokyo Univ. of Agricul. & Tech.
May 2007    M & A to Embio Co., Ltd.
December 2008  Moved to Nokodai/Tama-Koganei Venture Port Blg.
in the campus of Tokyo Univ. of Agricul. & Tech.
June 2011 ISO9001:2008 registered.
January 2013  Moved to Kouenjikita, Suginami-ku Tokyo.
Board    CEO & President: Ryuji Kawaguchi, Ph. D.
Director: Youji Wachi
Auditor: Takeo Satoh
            (Chairman of Gakusaikikaku Co., Ltd.)
Advisory BoardMedical Care
Ikunosuke Sakurabayashi, M.D., Ph. D.
(Professor Emeritus of Jichi Medical School)

Molecular Genomics
Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Ph. D.
(Associate Professor of Tokyo Univ. of Agricul. & Tech.)
Business ContentsI.Test and reagent kit/Control materials/Human sera and plasma
II.Testing service
III.Products relating environment and biotechnology
IV.Biomedical equipments
V.Functional foods
VI.Consulting Services
AddressReinbow Square Blg. 2F
2-3-4 Kouenjikita, Suginami-ku
Tokyo 166-0002, Japan